From 1st-11th August 2020, Woodcraft Folk and our friends from around the world will stand together on Common Ground – to live co-operatively in solidarity and friendship, having lots of fun.


If Woodcraft ran the NHS: A call for Volunteers:

Are you planning to go to Common Ground 2020 and are you a registered health professional?   The 2020 Common health care team are looking for registered health professionals to help run the camp’s health services and run workshops focused on health.   In this request we are specifically looking for expressions of interest from registered Doctors, …


Common Ground ON TOUR

Over the last 6 months months board members have been spreading early hype. We’ve been contacting people to share the early information that we have and ask for your input and thoughts for the camp. The ring round… We shared all the Woodcraft districts out between us and have been calling you with questions about …


Why does Common Ground cost £205?

Common Ground costs £205, which is a lot. We on the board know it’s a lot, which is why we have reached out to districts for good fundraising ideas, produced a summary of the best ones on our website and are publicising this really early to give districts a chance to prepare. Regardless of that, …