From 1st-11th August 2020, Woodcraft Folk and our friends from around the world will stand together on Common Ground – to live co-operatively in solidarity and friendship, having lots of fun!

Common Ground 2020 will be the next IFM-SEI International Camp to be hosted by Woodcraft Folk in the UK. The theme for the camp is: international friendship and solidarity. 

We’re following a long line of brilliant camps hosted in the UK – including Global Village 2006 and CoCamp 2011 most recently. But we want Common Ground to be even bigger and even better!

What you need to know about Common Ground:

  • The camp will be hosted at Kent County Showground (the venue of Global Village 2006) in the South-East of England. More information on the site coming soon (for now – you can see more on their website and this map)
  • The camp will be designed specifically around the participation of under-12s (Woodchips, Elfins, Pioneers), including specific programme areas.
  • The cost will be £205 for a 10 day ticket and £120 for a 5 day ticketmore information on booking coming soon.
  • The camp organisation will be focused on making it easy for volunteers, providing an extra level of support than at previous camps.

meet the board

Chair: Tom Brooks 

Treasurer: Nick FitzGerald 

Programme: Jack Walker, Laurie Cannell & Klaus Schöngruber 

Food: Emma Shuttleworth & Hannah Khan 

International: Frankie Marsh 

Production: Nick Wooton & Jasen Mphepo


Youth Participation: Lara Thornton-Berry, Jack Brown & Izzy Stewart 

Communications: Ellen Gibson

Volunteer Support: Esther Price & Jess Gallardo

DF Rep: Alison Thompson

Venturer Rep: Kerry Stapleton

Pioneer and Elfin Reps: Rotating