Common Ground 2020 will be the next IFM-SEI International Camp to be hosted by Woodcraft Folk in the UK. We’ll bring together thousands of children and young people from across the world for ten days of camping, co-operation, and friendship.


Common Ground Bookings so far

Numbers – up to date on 27/12/19 So far 82 groups have registered onto our booking system. Of these, 40 are Woodcraft Groups/ districts and 42 are International groups.  When each of these groups register they give an estimate of how many people they are planning to bring. If you add all of these up […]

November board meeting update

Common Ground Board met in Stockport, UK on 23rd November. A lot of progress has been made in production, programme, communication, food and international liaison. See videos below for what was discussed. English Spanish (Castellano)

Make your mark on Common Ground

As Common Ground gets ever closer, we’re looking to fill more important roles that will help make the camp not only happen, but be the magical and unforgettable place we know it can be.