From 29 July – 8 August 2022, Woodcraft Folk and our friends from around the world will stand together on Common Ground – to live co-operatively in solidarity and friendship, having lots of fun!

Common Ground 2022 will be the next IFM-SEI international camp to be hosted by Woodcraft Folk in the UK. The theme for the camp is: international friendship and solidarity. 

We’re following a long line of brilliant camps hosted in the UK – including Global Village 2006 and CoCamp 2011 . But we want Common Ground to be even bigger and even better!

What you need to know about Common Ground:

  • The camp will be hosted at Kelmarsh Event Field in the Midlands of England. See our Info-Pack for more information on the site.
  • The camp will be designed specifically around the participation of under-12s (Woodchips, Elfins, Pioneers), including specific programme areas.
  • The cost will be £215 for a 10 day ticket and £135 for a 5 day ticket
  • The camp organisation will be focused on making it easy for volunteers, providing an extra level of support than at previous camps.

Meet the Board

The Board and Woodcraft Folk staff at a meeting

The Common Ground Board is made up of a team of volunteers from the Woodcraft Folk and other IFM-SEI organisations. They are responsible for planning and coordinating the camp, working with hundreds of other volunteers to make it a reality.

Chair: Tom Brooks
Camp Assistant: Millie Burgh
Treasurer: Nick FitzGerald
Programme: Jack Walker, Laurie Cannell, Sandra Kourtsounioti
Food: Emma Shuttleworth & Hannah Khan
International: Frankie Marsh
Production: Nick Wootton
Youth Participation: Lara Thornton-Berry, Jack Brown & Izzy Stewart
Communications: Ellen Gibson
Volunteer Support: Jess Gallardo, Eduardo Flores, Mollie Saunders
IFM-SEI Presidium Rep: Babacar Toure
DF Rep: Vacant
Venturer Rep: Vacant
Pioneer and Elfin Reps: Rotating