When is Common Ground? How long is it?
The camp will last for 10 nights from 1st -11th August 2020.

Can I come for part of the camp?
Yes, you can come for five nights, either the first half (1st – 5th) or second half of camp (6th – 11th). If you are involved in setup or takedown e.g driving a lorry or minibus then you many stay the first night or last night free of charge but you must book (more information on this soon).

The cost for five days is £125 (£120 early bird), this applies to any district or delegation from any Woodcraft Folk or IFM-SEI group.

Where is it?
Kent Event Centre in the South East of England. The address is Kent Event Centre, Detling, Maidstone ME14 3JF.

How do I get there?
Trains go to Maidstone East, many groups will put on coaches or other coordinated transport to Kent Event Centre.

Travelling from mainland Europe, ferries travel to Dover, Folkestone and Portsmouth and the Eurostar train arrives in London. There are several airports in London and the South East.

Do I need to speak English?
No. Although English will be the primary language used on camp, there will be three official languages; English, French and Spanish. These will be used all over camp, including in some of the programme. There will also be lots of ways such as signs full of pictures and colours that help people communicate and get around.

How many people will be there? Where are they from?
Probably between 2500 and 3500 people will attend Common Ground.

Many people there will be members of the Woodcraft Folk, but there will also be groups from across the world at the camp from our umbrella organisation IFM-SEI. You can find a list of IFM-SEI member organisations on their website.

What do I need to bring? Where can I get camping equipment?
We will publish an example kit list nearer the camp but you will need tents, sleeping bags and sleeping mats.

If you are coming from another country, your host Woodcraft Folk district may have equipment they can lend you. If you are a Woodcraft district you may be able to apply for funding for new camping equipment. See the Fundraising page for tips. If you are a small or new Woodcraft Folk district you may be able to share equipment with a larger more established district within your village.

Why should I come?
Mostly because it will be fun! You’ll have loads of opportunities to meet new people, play games and learn from people from all over the world.

International friendship is a central idea of Woodcraft and by participating in, helping to build and contributing to Common Ground you’ll be a part of a really large community striving to make the world a better place.

These camps don’t happen in the UK very often — the last time Woodcraft Folk hosted an international camp was in 2011 — so this may be the best opportunity for children and adults to experience such a fantastic event.


How much does it cost?
£205 per person – if you are part of the Woodcraft Folk or any other Western European country. The price of Common Ground depends on which IFM-SEI organisation you are from.

Western Europe – £205 (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Spain/Catalonia, Sweden, Switzerland, UK)

Eastern Europe, some Middle East – £155 (Armenia, Belarus , Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Israel)

Latin America, Asia, Africa and some Middle East – £105 (Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, Mali, Senegal, Western Sahara, Zimbabwe, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Nicaragua, Peru, Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Palestine).

What are the booking deadlines?
The early bird booking deadline is December 1st 2019. If you book before this point you will save £5 from the cost. The regular booking deadline will be May 1st 2020.

We can’t afford it - what should I do?
Have a look at the Fundraising page of the website for tips on fundraising or email chair@commonground.camp for more help on making Common Ground affordable.

Who has to pay to come?
Unless you are attending as a lone participant, the price of camp will be paid by your district or delegation and each member will organise payment with them. Many districts will choose to fundraise to subsidise the cost passed on to group members.

Anyone under-5 as of the first day of camp (1st August 2020) can attend Common Ground for free (accompanied by a carer). Full-time carers for young people with specific additional needs may be able to attend for free – email chair@commonground.camp to discuss this more.

Is travel included?
Travel is not included, your district or organisation may collectively set a cost for travel and include this in the cost passed on to members.

Who can come? Do I have to be a member to come to Common Ground?
All ages are welcome at Common Ground. You have to either be a member of Woodcraft Folk or another organisation coming as a delegation. This might be an IFM-SEI organisation or another organisation linked to a Woodcraft Folk group.

Do I have to go with a group?
If you are under-16 then you do have to come to Common Ground as part of a group, although this group can be very small. If you are over-16 you can book on as a lone participant, though where possible you should book as part of a larger group e.g. your district or delegation.

Are visitors allowed on camp?
Yes, on Saturday the 8th of August there will be an open day from 10:00 – 19:00, in which friends and family may visit Common Ground.