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Perhaps you know someone who is coming to camp. Find out more about our Open Day here.


We are still in need of more volunteers to help out with various aspects of the camp. International volunteers are really welcome! Could you join us as:

Camp Shop Volunteers
We are looking for people to help coordinate the camp shop, where we will sell Common Ground, Woodcraft Folk and IFM merchandise, and useful bits people may have forgotten. This role will involve helping board members and staff with ordering for the shop and helping to run it on camp. No specific experience necessary, just people skills and a willingness to learn!

Family and Friends Open Day Coordinator
Help us to coordinate 6th August, when lots of parents, carers and family members of campers will be coming to site for the day.

We need quite a few people who can steward the event. This involves arriving a day or two before camp, and getting training on Health + Safety as well as First Aid. Helping people find the right place to camp on the first day. Then during camp, there will be shifts to cover the gate and manage people coming in and out, and in the evenings we often want stewards around the central area to make sure everyone is safe. Stewarding is not a policing role. It is a great way to get an overall view of how the camp works, and meet vast numbers of other campers.

Town Coordinator
We are looking for 1-2 people for each Town who can act as ‘Town Coordinators’.
A town coordinator is someone to liaise between the camp coordination team and villages (or village coordinators) in your town, to bring your town together and keep everyone up to date with key information. They will also coordinate the use of the town marquee, to make sure there are no timetabling clashes.

Town Pantry Coordinators
We are looking for 2 people to coordinate a town pantry (food storage tent) for the second half of camp. This will involve dividing up food based on the numbers in your designated villages each day and handing it over to volunteers from the village. You would be great for this role if you have a couple of the following: experience planning/cooking food at camps (KPing), understanding of food safety, mental maths skills, good communication skills, and problem-solving skills.

Young people and Sexual Health
As part of the Camp Health Centre, we are looking for people who could hold a few sessions for young people to talk about sexual health.

Driving (Over 25s only, for insurance reasons)
In the week before camp and in the couple of days after we will need to bring equipment from Park Farm, and probably collect various things e.g. freecycled furniture to make the camp fun. We will hire the Vans but if there is anyone who could be around to drive them on working week and/or take down that would be incredibly helpful.

Sound and Stage
Just anyone with an interested in lighting and sound equipment to join the team set up various stages around Common Ground. We already have some experienced people, so if you just want to come and learn that is totally fine.

Camp Democracy Facilitator
The youth participation team are planning to run workshops every day on camp to engage young people in the camp rules and organisation, join this team to facilitate these workshops

Gas Engineering
Mainly to do a periodic look around the site and risk assess the cafes, kitchens, showers and check that everything is safe.

Having an extra electrician who could oversee the young people and ensure they are safe in terms of electricity, would be ideal. We can then share this responsibility with the coordinator.

Working Week Co-coordinator
We are looking for one more person who could manage working week (This would be from the 24th July to the 29th July, immediately before camp). This involves keeping track of arrival times and matching up jobs that need doing with the right people. We have one person already but its nice when roles can be shared.

These and many other roles are on offer. All volunteers will be on duty on a rota basis, with clear times for relaxation and enjoying the camp. Please email if you are interested.

Hi, I’m Sophie and I work as a freelance theatre technician, doing a variety of jobs from set building to lighting design. At Common Ground, I’ll be helping to set up and run the stages. It’d be great to work with you!Hi, my name is Kitty. I work as a biomedical engineer, but I started off as a mechanical engineer. Here’s me at a previous Woodcraft event sporting my hand-made solar-powered propeller hat – very fashionable at the time. At Common Ground, I will be in the technical crew, working on generators, solar panels, sound, and video screenings. Come get hands-on with us!

Donate material

Do you coincidentally have a milk float going spare? Own a company which makes biodegradable craft materials? Work in an ice cream factory? The camp is vast, with many and varied uses for materials, spare tents, sporting equipment, musical instruments and technical equipment. If you think you could help us, please contact us at We would love to hear from you.

Donate your expertise

Perhaps you are a supporter of our work but cannot attend Common Ground. We would still love to hear from anyone with a specialism in law, insurance, health and safety, technology, public health, disability access or fire safety. Your expertise could help to make our our policies and procedures even better. Do contact for further information.