Get involved

We need your help to make this the best international camp we have ever had! Why not get involved? Everyone has something to offer. See below for different options.


We are currently seeking:

All volunteers will be on duty on a rota basis, with clear times for relaxation and enjoying the camp. Please email or if you are interested. As the camp approaches, we will be looking for stewards, interpreters, drivers and performing artists, to name a few!

Donate material

Do you coincidentally have a milk float going spare? Own a company which makes biodegradable craft materials? Work in an ice cream factory? The camp is vast, with many and varied uses for raw materials, spare tents, sporting equipment, musical instruments and technical equipment. If you think you could help us, please contact us at We would love to hear from you.

Donate your expertise

Perhaps you are a supporter of our work but cannot attend Common Ground. We would still love to hear from anyone with a specialism in law, insurance, health and safety, technology, public health, disability access or fire safety. Your expertise could help to make our our policies and procedures even better. Do contact for further information.