Common Ground is not just an international Woodcraft Folk camp, it is an IFM-SEI camp with lots of international cooperation!

The International Falcon Movement – Socialist Educational International (IFM-SEI) is the umbrella organisation that connects socialist educational children’s and youth organisations from across the globe. Have a look at their members page to see the organisations in different regions. See here which of these organisations will be at Common Ground!


Camp fees

Asia£105 per person
Africa£105 per person
Eastern Europe£155 per person
Latin America£105 per person
Middle East (Israel, Egypt, Turkey)£155 per person
Middle East (Palestine)£105 per person
The cost of Common Ground has a solidarity fee structure based on IFM-SEI’s staggered membership fee system and which takes into account an organisation’s strength and financial capacity. Prices for participants from Western Europe are £215 per person, or £210 if you book before 1st December 2021. Historical bookings paid before 30th June 2020 will remain at the 2020 price. More info on bookings and prices in the FAQs.

Solidarity funding

The board has set aside some funding to support international delegations to attend Common Ground, ensuring that this IFM-SEI camp is truly international. Solidarity funding may cover a number of camp fees for a delegation. Or if there is extra funding available, the hosting Woodcraft Folk district may receive some towards the flights for a delegation. The financial arrangements are discussed directly with each delegation. The total budget available will depend on the total number of participants – the more people book on, the more solidarity funding we will have available!
Please also visit our designated page for Fundraising for International Delegations and the page for International Projects at Common Ground to see about financial support for project partners.

Camping together

Coming to the UK

International projects at Common Ground