Common Ground is not just an international Woodcraft Folk camp, it is an IFM-SEI camp and we hope to have as much international participation as possible!

The International Falcon Movement – Socialist Educational International (IFM-SEI) is the umbrella organisation that connects socialist educational children’s and youth organisations from across the globe. Have a look at their members page to see the organisations in different regions. Many of these organisations will be at Common Ground!


Everyone at Common Ground will camp in a village (about 100 people) and each village will be made up of at least one Woodcraft Folk district and one international group. Between 3 and 5 villages will form a town (about 500 people).

Hopefully all partnerships between Woodcraft Folk districts and international groups will bring new friendships and opportunities to live and educate together before, during and after Common Ground.

Some organisations will bring their own equipment, whilst others will need help with borrowing tents and equipment from Woodcraft Folk group. Some organisations will need more financial solidarity to travel further distances and practical help with getting UK visas. Groups who will require financial solidarity are referred to as ‘solidarity delegations’ here.

Solidarity delegations

  • Lots of IFM-SEI organisations booked for Common Ground in 2020 and formed partnerships with Woodcraft Folk districts. We hope that you will all be able to join us in 2022!
  • Please get in touch to let us know if there are changes to your circumstances or the number of people in your delegation.

Woodcraft districts

  • Lots of Woodcraft Folk districts agreed to partnerships with IFM-SEI groups in 2020 and we hope these will carry through to 2022 for you to share activities and enrich the district’s educational experience of the camp.
  • Hosting a solidarity delegation will involve more financial solidarity and support with logistics as well as potentially providing a place to stay before and after the camp so that you can arrive together.
  • We have guidance and templates available including 1-2-1 advice and there is some money in the central budget to assist districts (see below) – so don’t be too daunted by the prospect of raising money!

Camp fees

The cost of Common Ground has a solidarity fee structure based on IFM-SEI’s staggered membership fee system and which takes into account an organisation’s strength and financial capacity. Prices for solidarity participants in 2022 will remain as in 2020:

Asia£105 per person
Africa£105 per person
Eastern Europe£155 per person
Latin America£105 per person
Middle East (Israel, Egypt, Turkey)£155 per person
Middle East (Palestine)£105 per person

Prices for participants from Western Europe are £215 per person, or £210 if you book before 1st December 2021. Historical bookings paid before 30th June 2020 will remain at the 2020 price. More info on bookings and prices in the FAQs.

Solidarity funding

  • The theme for Common Ground is ‘international friendship and solidarity’. In keeping with this, the board has set aside part of the central budget to support international delegations to attend Common Ground, ensuring that this IFM-SEI camp is truly international and that we enable children and young people from around the world to meet, experience and educate together.
  • Once paired with an international ‘solidarity’ delegation, Woodcraft Folk districts will receive some of this money to supplement their fundraising efforts and pay some of the camp fees for international delegates.
  • The total budget available will depend on the total number of participants – the more people book on, the more solidarity funding we will have available!


Visiting from within the EU: EU citizens can travel to the UK for short trips without the need for a visa. However, it is no longer possible to use EU and EEA ID cards at the border so all participants will need a passport valid for the whole time you are in the UK to travel to Common Ground. More information here.

Visiting from outside the EU: Participants visiting from outside the EU will require a visa to attend Common Ground 2022. We recommend early passport and visa applications. This is especially important if you have complex circumstances (ie a mixture of nationalities in the group, participants with name changes). Early information will help the Common Ground team to support you better.

Visit the IFM-SEI visa platform for information on general visa processes. The guidance below was created for the 2020 camp; much will still be relevant but will be reviewed and updated soon.

Medical care

EU nationals:

EU nationals, both adults and children, at Common Ground 2022 should carry a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Read the full guidance from the UK government on medical care here. This guidance, updated March 2021, states on medically necessary treatment: “If you are visiting the UK from an EU country and you fall ill or have a medical emergency during your temporary stay in England, you can use a valid EHIC issued by your home country to access healthcare. Your EHIC also covers you for the treatment of pre-existing medical conditions.”

Please note: EHIC is not the same as a travel insurance. For example, EHIC would not cover the cost of bringing you back to home country if you are injured. This is called a repatriation. Consider carefully what other insurance you would like, beyond most urgent medical care. Also consider your access to healthcare along the journey to/from the UK – where are you transferring flights? How would you access healthcare in the countries you pass along the way?

Already hold an EHIC? Then please remember to check expiry and renew if needed!

Non-EU nationals:

You can get urgent medical care in the UK but this can incur very high fees. We recommend buying a comprehensive medical insurance before you travel. Also consider your access to healthcare along the journey to and from the UK – where are you transferring flights? How would you access healthcare in the countries you pass along the way? 

Please make sure everyone in your group has declared to the insurance company any existing medical conditions, pregnancy and any treatments they are waiting to receive in home country. You are more likely to have the correct insurance cover if you have shared all the information.

Speak to your doctor before you travel and make plans for how to care for your health conditions while you are away from home country. Do carry some health condition identification, or a letter saying what medication you are taking.