International projects at Common Ground

The following IFM-SEI and Woodcraft Folk projects will bring even more international participation and programme to the camp!

Project nameDescriptionMember organisations involved
Common Ground volunteering team28 international volunteers will come to the UK for a month to help with Common Ground programme, working week and take-down.Esplac (Catalonia), Nuoret Kotkat (Finland), SJD Die Falken (Germany), Pionyr (Czech Republic), Kinderfreunde/ Rote Falken (Austria), Georgian Falcons and potentially another IFM-SEI European member organisation.
Common Ground volunteer 2022The Common Ground board and staff will be supported by a full-time international volunteer Sep 2021 – Sep 2022.A volunteer has been recruited from a new sending organisation Roes Cooperativa in Greece
Communications volunteerWoodcraft Folk’s international volunteer, Barbora, supports Common Ground communications activity in 2021. European Solidarity Corps volunteer from Plan B in Czech Republic
Youth Communications VolunteerWoodcraft Folk’s international volunteer, supports Common Ground comms activity in 2022. Volunteer selection underway in July 2021.
Journey of Youth Leadership (JYL)
This is a two-year project, aiming to strengthen youth leadership and improve transparency and internal democracy in IFM-SEI organisations. Manque Chile, MILAVF (Nicaragua), Action Enfance Senegal, Pionniers du Mali,  Antar Bharati (India), Woodcraft Folk (UK), Nuoret Kotkat (Finland), Faucons Rouges (Belgium),  Fenix (Czechia), Kinderfreunde (Austria), and Esplac (Catalonia)
Kids Got Rights

This is a two-year project aimed at empowering children (focusing on 8- 13 year olds) through self-organisation and claiming their own rights. Kinderfreunde (Austria), Nuoret Kotkat (Finland), Esplac (Catalonia), Slovenian Falcons, DUI-LEG og VIRKE (Denmark),  Arciragazzi (Italy), Woodcraft Folk (UK)

They are funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and the European Commission- DG Justice, Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme.

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