Where and when is pre-camp?

Due to covid-19 pandemic, the pre-camp will happen online in May and June 2020.
What to expect at pre-camp?
Common Ground pre-camp is a series of online resources and virtual sessions where you can learn about topics relevant to the camp programme, IFM-SEI and about the camp participants from different countries. It is also a space to share ideas about Common Ground and how we want to work together and.
Who can attend?
Anyone who is interested in being part of Common Ground 2020!! All ages welcome.
How to book?
IFM-SEI members: register through IFM-SEI from 27th February 2020. Woodcraft Folk members, please visit here.
Can children take part?
Children are very welcome! We will have special programme for anyone aged under 10. The main resources and sessions will be appropriate for anyone aged 10 and over.

Pre-camp topics (to be confirmed)

  • Village and town introductions
  • Information about the site in Kent
  • Safety on camp
  • Sharing our ways of camping
  • Sustainability
  • UK tourism tips for August 2020
  • Programme Centre tasters
  • Crossing cultures on camp
  • IFM-SEI project showcase
  • Practical advice and problem solving around group camping