Common Ground will be a fabulous international festival of ideas, education and games for social change. The theme is International Friendship and Solidarity.

Programme at Common Ground will take place in a central area and 3 – 5 “Commons” spread around the campsite. Each Common will have at least a cafe and an activity area. The central area will be split into centres; each with a different theme.

Some great people have volunteered to run tents on a wide variety of themes. They all have particular skills and experiences that make them great choices for their centres and we will be announcing more information about each of them in November 2019! Exciting! See the full list of themes and people here.

Every centre will also run a number of sessions based around children’s rights, sustainability and activism.


There are many ways to contribute to the programme, and more volunteers are extremely welcome. If you have suggestions, or want to contact any of these teams, please email Volunteers with bushcraft or arts skills are particularly welcome.

Why not join our discussions in the Common Ground 2020 Facebook group here.

We are currently also looking for people to run the commons and the evening programme areas, closing date 9th December 2019. Read more here.

Centres and teams

Hands On
Alex Smithson Swain – Woodcraft Folk
Dick Tyte – Woodcraft Folk

Patrick Farrell – Woodcraft Folk

the view through a tent door at dawn across the field
It’s a programme dawn…

Pip Sayers – Woodcraft Folk
Tommaso Caldarelli – Non IFM-SEI member (Runs an IFM-SEI friendly organisation in Italy)
Alix MacFarlane – Woodcraft Folk

Heading to 100 group

Woodcraft Folk Staff

Anti-Racism and Anti-Fascism
Jess Poyner – Woodcraft Folk
Natalia Kallio – Nuoret Kotkat
Elliot Francis-Hewett – Woodcraft Folk

Nadia Asri – Woodcraft Folk

Environment and Migration
Martina – Esplac
Aina – Esplac
Carlos – Esplac
Debora – Esplac
Guillem – Esplac
Joan – Esplac
Merlin – Esplac

Sarah Kerton – Woodcraft Folk
Sophie Lojka – Rote Falken Österreich
Cecilia Aranda – Esplac
Cinta Olivella – Non IFM-SEI member
Sinead Dolan – Non IFM-SEI member

Connie Garrido – Non-Ifm member (Formerly Acacia Pionyr)

Still in discussions with people

Conflict and Peace
Bethan Manton-Roseblade – Woodcraft Folk
Aggie Taylor – Woodcraft Folk

Ruby Kelman – Woodcraft Folk
Liza Gejadze – Georgian Falcons
Jasmine Forbes – Woodcraft Folk

Under 10s
Still in discussions with people

Orange vangoes in a field with a low, bright sun on the horizon
Programme is appearing.