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The booking deadline closed on 5th May 2022 at midnight. We may still be able to add a small number of extra tickets, please see current camp fees below. Our payment policy for groups can be viewed here and for individuals here.

Late booking fees

Late booking, by 15 June 2022: £230 full camp, £150 half camp
Very Late Booking from 16th June: £300 full camp, £200 half camp

Please contact if you are a young person / young adult due to volunteer at camp.

How to pay

For UK bank transfers only:

Account name:​ The Woodcraft Folk
Account number:​ 2039 2756
Sort code:​ 60 83 01 – and don’t forget to add your unique reference (CG-four numbers) so we can adjust your remaining invoice.

For international bank transfers:

IMPORTANT: Please request a Foreign payment , NOT Swift payment or International money transfer.

Unity Trust Bank Account:
Woodcraft Folk National Council
Acc Number 20392756 S/ Code 60-83-01
Bank Address: 4 Brindley Place, Birmingham , B1 2JB, United Kingdom
Swift Code (BIC): NWBKGB2L
IBAN Number: GB93NWBK60023571418024

Add your unique booking reference (CG-four numbers) so we can adjust your remaining invoice.

Already booked online? Read on for next steps:

  1. Make your non-refundable deposit payment by 1st December 2021. This is £100 per person aged 5+ staying for the full camp, or £60 if staying for half the camp. Use your unique reference (CG-four numbers) with all your payments.
  2. If you are making a payment after 1st December 2021, the deposit will be £105 or £62.50 per person.
  3. You have a 14-day cooling-off period from the day that you pay. If you change your mind within this time, you will be paid back in full.


How much does it cost for those from the UK or Western Europe?
UK and Western Europe (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Catalonia, Sweden, Switzerland, UK):

 Price 10-Day ticketsPrice 5-day ticketsDeadline
2020 Prices (historical bookings paid before 30 June 2020)£205£125Deadline has passed
Early Bird£210£1301st December 2021
Standard Ticket£215£1352nd May 2022
Late Booking£230£15015 June 2022
Very Late Booking£300£200
How much does it cost for those from elsewhere?
The staggered fees for participants outside of Western Europe will remain as in 2020:

Eastern Europe, some Middle East – £155 (Armenia, Belarus , Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Israel)

Latin America, Asia, Africa and some Middle East – £105 (Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, Mali, Senegal, Western Sahara, Zimbabwe, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Nicaragua, Peru, Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Palestine).

What is included in the camp fee?
Included in camp fee: 10 days of camping, meal ingredients, central day / evening programme and replacement gas bottles (please see detail on gas under Site infrastructure).
Excluded: Travel costs, the first bottle of gas, cooking equipment, village / kitchen tents, tables, chairs or benches. Craft materials for village day activities.
Can I come for part of the camp? How much would it cost?
Yes, you can come for five nights, either the first half (29th – 3rd) or second half of camp (3rd – 8th). The cost for anyone attending for five days is £130 if booked by 1 Dec 2021, or £135 if booked before 2nd May. £200 if booked after 16th June 2022 and there are further increases as the camp approaches.
If you are involved in setup or takedown e.g driving a lorry or minibus then you may stay the first night or last night free of charge but you must book. More information for drivers to the site will be provided nearer the time. This will be arranged away from the camp booking system which only recognises Full camp/Half camp options.
What are the booking deadlines?
The early bird booking deadline is 1st December 2021. If you book and pay £100 deposit per participant before this point you will save £5 per person. The regular booking deadline passed on 5th May 2022. You should ensure all the details of your participants are correct and pay in full by this point. A small number of tickets may be available, at £300 for a full camp if booked after 16th June 2022.
Can I change my booking?
You will be able to amend bookings e.g. number of participants, names etc until 5 May 2022, by logging into the booking system. However if you have a participant with complex access needs, please do let us know as soon as you can so we can put reasonable adjustments in place. There is no fee for changing camper names/details.
Who has to pay to come?
Everyone 5 years old or older on the first day of camp will need to pay.

However many districts will choose to fundraise to subsidise the cost of each group member. Do connect with your district, either where you grew up or close to where you now live, they are often happy to subside your camp fee if you are willing to take on some responsibility.

Anyone under 5 on the first day of camp (29th July 2022) can attend Common Ground for free (accompanied by a carer). Full-time carers for young people with specific additional needs may be able to attend for free – email to discuss this more.

How do I pay?
Paying by cheque:
We no longer have a head office in London where we could easily process your cheque. Please make a bank transfer if at all possible, or if your community account does not allow this, please email for further advice.        

Paying by bank transfer:
Account name:​ The Woodcraft Folk  
Account number:​ 2039 2756 
Sort code:​ 60 83 01 
Use your unique reference, (CG-four digits) for all payments. You can leave out the hyphen if your bank accepts letters and numbers only. If you have paid without a reference number, please email and let us know the amount, the payment date and who it was for. We can then match it to your booking and bring your payment record up to date.
For international bank transfers you will also need the information below. 
Swift Code (BIC): NWBKGB2L
IBAN Number: GB93NWBK60023571418024
IMPORTANT: Please request a Foreign payment , NOT Swift payment or International money transfer.

Is travel included?
Travel is not included in the camp fee. Your district or organisation may collectively set a cost for travel, and include this in the cost advertised to you. Group travel can offer the best value for money for all, including the transport of equipment.
We aim to offer shuttle buses on the day of arrival and day of departure from Kettering, and Birmingham International airport. These need to be booked by 1st July. After this time, we cannot guarantee availability.
Who can come? Do I have to be a member to come to Common Ground?
All ages are welcome at Common Ground. You have to be a member of either Woodcraft Folk or another organisation coming as a delegation. This might be an IFM-SEI organisation or another organisation linked to a Woodcraft Folk group. The camp is primarily for young people, therefore we expect anyone aged over 21 to take some responsibility within their village or on the camp team.
Do I have to go with a group?
If you are under 16: you have to come to Common Ground as part of a group, although this group can be very small.

If you are 16 – 21 and from the UK: you can book on as a lone participant. However where possible you should book as part of a larger group e.g. your district or delegation. Coming along as part of a group will make it more fun and might be better financially. Have a think of any groups you have previously been a part of, or any groups that exist near where you live now.

If you are over 21: These camps are primarily for young people. We expect all over 21-year-olds to have taken on some responsibility within their village or on the central camp team. Capable adult volunteers are extremely welcome, but please contact the district directly that you have most recently been involved with.

We can’t afford it - what should I do?
The Common Ground Board understands that the pandemic has had a catastrophic impact on some participants’ finances, and we want as many people to enjoy Common Ground as possible, regardless of their financial background. Do connect with your local district if you are an individual – fundraising works best when it is done together as a group.

Have a look at the Fundraising page of the website for tips on fundraising, or email for more help on making Common Ground affordable.

I'm just driving a Van do I need to book?
No, you don’t need to book if you are just driving a Van to deliver equipment to Common Ground e.g. tents for a village.

However if you are intending to stay overnight on the night of the 29th of July before driving the van home, you will need to be a member of the woodcraft Folk and have an up to date DBS, you will receive a paper wrist band for the night, and will need to leave before midday on Saturday the 30th of July.

Same if you are intending to come on the Sunday the 7th of August.

Got more questions? Check out the main FAQs page.

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