Common Ground Payment Policy for groups

Camp fees

£215 per person – if you are part of the Woodcraft Folk or any other Western European country.
(Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Spain/Catalonia, Sweden, Switzerland, UK)
£155 per person – if you are coming from Eastern Europe, some Middle East (Armenia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Israel)£105 per person – if you are coming from Latin America, Asia, Africa and some Middle East (Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, Mali, Senegal, Western Sahara, Zimbabwe, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Nicaragua, Peru, Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Palestine).

See also Camp fees for Late bookings:

Late Booking before 15th June – £230 full camp, £150 half camp
Very Late Booking from 16th June 22 – £300 full camp, £200 half camp

Participants aged 0 – 4 do not pay a camp fee. However all under 5’s do need to be booked on, for safety and planning reasons.
Attending for half the camp: (29th – 3rd or 3rd – 8th). The cost is £135 for any UK or international delegation (booked by 5th May 2022) but we strongly encourage international delegations to attend for a full camp, to get best value from their travel costs.

Early bird discount

If your deposit is received by 1st December 2021, we will reduce the camp fee by £5 per person, for the number of participants you have booked on. This includes anyone attending full or half camp. However if you add new participants after 1st December 2021, for those the full price will be applied.


Your group booking is secure after you have paid 50% of your delegation costs. The deposit is non-refundable but will be taken out of your group’s remaining balance. However from 1st May 2022, your group will be liable to pay for all the participants in your booking, even if your group is reducing in size after this date.

Paying the remaining balance

You need to have paid the remaining balance for your group by 2nd May 2022 but please make payments as soon as your group can afford to: The funds raised will go towards making the camp sound, look, taste and smell even better! Please see here to find out how the camp fee is used. We will not be allowing any group access to camp if their fees have not been paid in full upfront. This is in fairness to all the other delegations who have paid by the deadline.

Late bookings

We may not be in a position to take bookings after 2nd May 2022, and reserve the right to increase the camp fee after this date as per below. From 2nd May, the fees have to be paid on booking, upfront in one instalment.

NOTE ON LATE BOOKINGS: By 15th June 2022 the food order has been placed. We cannot guarantee that dietary needs can be met. You will also need to ensure that DBS checks are in place for all participants aged 16 or over. We will not be allowing access to camp for anyone without a valid DBS.

2nd May – 15th June 2022: £230 / £150 for 5 days

16th June – 28th July 2022: £300 / £200 for 5 days

29th July onwards 2020: £400 / £250

Cooling-off period

There is a cooling-off period of 14 days from the time when you first pay the deposit to change your mind. In this time period, you are eligible for a full refund and your group does not have to give a reason for the cancellation.


The camp fees generally go towards upfront costs. For this reason, we regret to say we are unable to offer refunds to groups who withdraw prior to attending. In the unlikely event that you book onto camp and your group is then unable to take part, please first try to find replacement participants and group leaders. This is to avoid disappointing any young people who have already been expecting to attend. Then contact where our team will make every effort to support you in finding a satisfactory solution. There is guidance available for fundraising, and for accessing camping equipment. You are important to us and we want to enable as many groups as possible to attend.

If during camp you are unsatisfied with the experience, please contact camp management on site, at the earliest opportunity. We want everyone to enjoy their experience and will actively work with you to resolve the issue. We regret to say that at the time of the camp, the expense has already been incurred and we are unable to offer refunds. Please use the camp procedures or Woodcraft Folk complaints policy for raising issues.