Coronavirus Solidarity Fund

Solidarity fund Just Giving Page

Coronavirus is hitting us all very differently, there are members of the board who have lost their jobs and all of their income. Yet there are also some of us, myself included, who are lucky enough to have stable incomes, and now find ourselves in fact saving money each month because we no longer commute, eat out or go to the pub. I think it’s time to put some Woodcraft ideals into practice. 

For the first group we have set up a system whereby people who want to come to Common Ground but cannot now afford it can book a Solidarity Ticket over the next 2 months. We will fundraise until December the 1st 2021 (the new Early Bird booking deadline) and any money raised will be used to reduce the price of those Solidarity Tickets.

Now for second group who, like me, have found themselves with more disposable income than normal and would like to show some woodcraft solidarity. Please donate to using this Just Giving page, the money raised will go directly into the central woodcraft bank account, and we will share any money raised across those who have booked ‘solidarity tickets’. 

They say when you do fundraising like this it’s important to give a recommended donation. I have looked back over my spending in April, and I reckon there is about £400 extra in there from not buying train tickets, buying lunch or going to the pub, I have decided to donate 20% so £80 to help fund someone’s Common Ground Ticket. 

Coronavirus has impacted the Woodcraft in several different ways; Common Ground, local districts, our core operations and our campsites and centres. I’m really sorry if you are heavily involved in Woodcraft and feel like you are being bombarded with appeals from us.   

Solidarity fund Just Giving Page