Environment and migration

We are a team of trainers between the ages of 22 and 30, running the Centre on Environment and Migration. The first deals with everything that is close in our environment, from knowing our environment and analysing how we influence it, to having a more global vision of how climate change is evolving.

On the other hand, we work on the concept of migration: reasons for migration, how it affects human beings during the process and how the countries of destination deal with migrants. On both topics we always want to make a critical focus so that we can then broaden the participants’ horizons and better understand global problems. On more than one occasion we address the two fears at the same time as these are intimately linked.

We are a group of young people, members of an education association (esplai). We have previously attended international camps in Germany and Catalonia, and we really want to have this experience again. Living with people from so many different places for two weeks is exciting. In our group, we have teachers, biologists a partner of the NGO Open Arms. Our experience allows us to offer engaging activities and we will be happy to transfer our knowledge to others on camp.

Prior to this project, we have been part of the esplai el Botó, a non-profit association whose function is to educate children in an alternative, creative and fun way. See our video for more information.

Aina, Merlin, Marta, Marc and Manyà