Feminism Centre

Reflecting on gender equality

Being a feminist is a fundamental value that we need to raise awareness of. I believe in the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. We will thrive if we educate our generation based on this topic and we raise our children as feminists. 

I’m excited about being involved in this programme, for I believe this is a great space to spread the word on feminism, and on how this value will make a difference in our world. There are different topics we can discuss and review in the camp. We welcome everyone to join this tent and help us to make it a safe space for all participants.

Yoga at the Feminist Centre

We’ll be offering activities for all ages and languages about patriarchy, discrimination, identity, and great women throughout history. Examples of our workshops:

For Under 10’s

  • Discovering fascinating facts about some wonderful, amazing women who changed the world we live in: read, draw, and discuss. 
  • Thinking beyond blue and pink

For Over 10’s

  • Our body or sexuality: Open discussion about the topic and how to break stereotypes from society.
  • The role of women in our society. 
  • Feminist writing
  • Yoga: find your inner energy.

We welcome you to join the programme at the camp. Or perhaps you would like to run or offer a workshop in this amazing centre? Please contact programme@commonground.camp, emailed marked as FEMINISM CENTRE.

Centre lead Connie Garrido – Formerly of Acacia Pionyr