Want to raise some money towards the cost of Common Ground? You’ve come to the right place!

Scroll down to check out your UK fundraising options and email if you have any questions. You can click on the name of each funding source to find out more.

Are you outside the UK? Please visit the page Fundraising for International Delegations.

New to fundraising? Check out our short video from Chair of the Board, Tom, introducing this section of the website and how you can fundraise.


Funding sourceDifficultyLikelihood of successAmount you could raiseConditions
Co-op Local CausesVery easyHigh£1500 - £6000Only available in Coop Group areas, now too late for Common Ground, but worth applying in late spring 2020
Local GivingEasyGuaranteed50% of event fee (donation)Parents need to sign up to a monthly donation on a specific day in Autumn 2019 exact date TBC
Gift AidMediumGuaranteed25% of event fee (donation)Parents paying for subs or camps must pay some income tax or capital gains tax
Awards for AllMediumMediumUp to £10,000Means tested - you need to show a level of deprivation to get the money
Donation-based crowdfundingEasyHighVariesCrowdfunding is a way of raising donations by asking a large number of people each for a small amount of money. You have several platforms to choose from. Consider pages such as GoFundMe, Justgiving or Crowdfunder. Check carefully that the fee is 0%.
Lions ClubEasyMediumVariesYour local philanthropic organisations may donate towards camp costs. Call your local club to enquire. It's good for raising our profile too!