Magic Little Grants by Local Giving


Step 1

  • Sign up for Local Giving – there is a short form to fill in:
  • It normally costs £96 but if you apply as part of Magic Little Grants you can use their promo code to make it free.

Step 2

  • To be part of local giving you must show you are a local group rather than a national charity, so it is best to register as ‘Not a registered charity’.
  • You need to provide the evidence, ie. a recent bank statement, a signed copy of your district constitution and a budget.  
  • Local Giving will need to approve your application, This will take a few days.

Advice – Local Giving aim to confirm registrations within one working day but our experience is the seem to be pretty busy, and sometimes forget about applications. Consider calling up after 3 days if you haven’t had a confirmation, this worked for us.

Step 3

Once you are all registered with local giving, fill in the form to apply for the Magic Little Grants, it really is very quick to fill in the form.

These videos were originally about ‘Grow your Tenner’ which is no longer happening but there is some advice about registering with Local Giving which may be useful.

Feb 2018

Sep 2018

Updated advice from Autumn 2018

Nov 2018

Local giving 3 from tom brooks on Vimeo.

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