Awards for All


The application is basically just a long form to fill in – it is longer than the others but it has had a good success rate amongst Woodcraft districts in the past.

The rules

  • You can apply at any point in the year and there is no set deadline day
  • Applications must be at least 12 weeks in advance of project start date
  • Project completion is ideally within 12 months though they will consider longer projects if there’s a good rationale
  • No more than £10,000 in any one year based on date of grant confirmation.

What to apply for

Awards for all like to make a long-term difference. You are much better off applying for equipment or training rather than for on-going costs. If you need a new Marquee or more tents this is what to apply for.

How to do it

  • Check the criteria
  • Have a look at this example from Birkenhead district for travel, camp fees and a spring weekend camp to prepare
  • We have been advised by the helpline: At the start of the form, tick ‘unregistered voluntary or community organisation’ (since you are an independent group with your own bank account, Woodcraft’s charity number doesn’t count here)
  • Use the helpline if you get stuck! They’re really helpful. You can also get in touch on


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