Gift Aid


What it is

I am sure you have heard of Gift Aid. Government will give an extra 25p for every £1 donated to a charity, to that charity – provided the person donating pays UK Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax.

How to find out more

I am not an expert, and all I am going to do is refer you to the Woodcraft website section on how to claim Gift Aid. For info on Gift Aid to this section of the Woodcraft website.

How it worked in Lewisham and Greenwich District

I would say it has been very effective; my district (Lewisham Greenwich) raised about £1800 through Gift Aid.

The difficulty is you have to be brave enough to make your events donation only and if parents decide to send their child not pay anything that’s allowed.

This has never happened in the 18 months we have been doing this. We always budgeted in for a few low-cost places anyway. So it hasn’t really changed the budgeting of a camp, except we now get 25% extra cash from the government.


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