Local Giving


Step 1

Step 2

  • You fill in an online form for Local Giving to register your district. To be part of local giving you must show you are a local group rather than a national charity, so it is best to register as ‘Not a registered charity’.
  • You to provide: a recent bank statement, a signed copy of your district constitution and a budget.  
  • This will take a few days and needs to be ready by 10am on December 11th 2018 – the first day of the Grow Your Tenner campaign.

Step 3

  • Set up a page for fundraising for your district to attend Common Ground 2020
  • Parents can now donate towards attending camp and automatically claim Gift Aid.

Step 4

  • At 10am on December 11th 2018 the Grow Your Tenner campaign begins.
  • Parents can set up a £10 per month direct debit for 12 months and Local Giving will match fund the last 6 months of donations
  • In effect the £120 gets an extra £60 from Local Giving + £20 of Gift Aid if they can. Parents have now almost raised the £200 early bird ticket for camp but only spent £120.


Updated advice from Autumn 2018

Local giving 3 from tom brooks on Vimeo.

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