Local Giving


Step 1

  • Sign up for Local Giving – there is a short form to fill in: https://localgiving.org/join/start .
  • It costs £96 but as you will see below you should easily make this back and much more.

Step 2

  • To be part of local giving you must show you are a local group rather than a national charity, so it is best to register as ‘Not a registered charity’.
  • You need to provide the evidence, ie. a recent bank statement, a signed copy of your district constitution and a budget.  
  • This will take a few days, so we recommend getting everything sorted by early January 2020.

Advice – Local Giving aim to confirm registrations within one working day but they could become extremely busy. Consider calling up after 3 days if you haven’t had a confirmation.

Step 3

  • Set up a page for fundraising for your district to attend Common Ground 2020.
  • Parents can now set up regular donations towards attending camp. Gift Aid will be claimed automatically, if donor is eligible. However only the donations made after the launch time and day will be counted towards Grow Your Tenner.

Step 4

  • At a set time and date probably in January 2020 the Grow Your Tenner campaign will begin.
  • Parents can set up a £10 per month direct debit for 12 months and Local Giving will match fund the last 6 months of donations
  • In effect the £120 gets an extra £60 from Local Giving + £20 of Gift Aid if the donor is eligible. Parents have now almost raised the £200 early bird camp fee, but only spent £120.


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