Common Ground will be a fabulous international festival of ideas, education and games for social change. The theme is International Friendship and Solidarity.

Programme at Common Ground will take place in a central area and 5 or 6 “Commons” spread around the campsite. Each Common will have at least a cafe and an activity area. The central area will be split into centres; each with a different theme.

Some great people have volunteered to run tents on a wide variety of themes. They all have particular skills and experiences that make them great choices for their centres and we will be announcing more information about each of them over the next year! Exciting! See the full list of themes and people here.

Every centre will also run a number of sessions based around children’s rights, sustainability and activism.


You don’t need to be one of the people on that list to contribute to the programme. If you have suggestions or want to contact any of these teams, then email and we can put you in touch.
Over the next year there will be many other ways to get involved and have your say so keep your eye out

We will start looking for people to run the commons and evening programme areas soon. Look out for that too if you’re interested.