Common Ground will be a fabulous international festival of ideas, education and games for social change. The theme is International Friendship and Solidarity.

Programme at Common Ground will take place in a central area and 5 or 6 “Commons” spread around the campsite. Each Common will have at least a cafe and an activity area. The central area will be split into centres; each with a different theme.

The themes we have so far are:

  • Hands On – STEM, games, bushcraft, equipment store
  • Arts – including but not limited to drama, spoken word poetry, visual art, music etc.
  • Media
  • Heritage
  • Training
  • Anti-Racism & Anti-Fascism
  • Environment & Migration
  • Rainbow
  • Feminism
  • Sex and Relationships Education with Camp Mediation (based around Woodcraft Folk project: MEST-UP)
  • Conflict & Peace
  • Cooperation
  • Under 10s area (all centres must cater for under 10s as well as this centre)

Every centre will also run a number of sessions based around children’s rights, sustainability and activism.


We’re still looking for coordinators and support for some of these centres.
Centre coordinators will be responsible for shaping the programme on camp. It’s an exciting role where you get support, space and funds to share your ideas, methods and values with people from all over the world.
Read the full call out here

More information and application forms below. Email to talk about your application and ask questions.

The deadline for applications is 14th May 2019