Common Ground will be a fabulous international festival of ideas, education and games for social change. The theme is International Friendship and Solidarity.

Programme at Common Ground will take place in a central area and 3 – 5 “Commons” spread around the campsite. Each Common will have at least a cafe and an activity area. The central area will be split into centres; each with a different theme.

Programme Centres have a variety of themes. Every centre will also run a number of sessions based around children’s rights, sustainability and activism. Camp programme offers something for under 10s as well as older children and young people.

And don’t forget: Common Ground also hosts the Woodcraft Folk AGM on the afternoon of 3rd August!

Programme Centres

The Cool Zone (Under 10’s)

Conflict and Peace

Anti-Racism and Anti-Fascism


Environment and Migration

International Sharing






Hands On/Bushcraft



Get involved

There are many ways to contribute to the programme, and more volunteers are extremely welcome. If you have suggestions, or want to contact any of these teams, please email Volunteers with performing arts or driving skills are particularly welcome.

And do join discussions in the Common Ground 2022 Facebook group here.

Share, debate, learn!