Anti-Racism and Anti-Fascism (ARAF)

This centre will be a hub for anti-racist and anti-fascist education, activities and
events. The centre team are excited to create a space where others can learn about the history of
anti-racism and anti-fascism across the world and build a utopia together – or at
least get a step closer to it! 
The programme will include a range of activities for all ages that build on IFM:SEI’s
long and rich history of internationalism and solidarity. The Anti-Racism and Anti-
Facism centre will prioritise untold histories and unheard voices, as well as provide
a safer space for people of colour to share their experiences. We will also work
with other Common Ground centres and the Common Ground board to build anti-
racism and anti-fascism principles into the culture of the wider camp.

Examples of sessions: 

  • Climate change and racism: Discussions on the interrelationship between climate change and racism.
  • Exploitation of resources in the global south and labour rights
  • Story-telling: reading children’s stories from around the world before bedtime
  • Race and gender presentation workshops: What is drag? A chance to play around with drag for all ages!
  • Media, racism and fascism: The role of media in perpetuating racist/fascist narratives and stereotypes and exploring alternative media in the past and present.
  • Borders and internationalism: Simulation activities exploring borders, racism and nationalism.

Meet the team: