Conflict and Peace Centre

Aggie, Bethan and George are excited to present the Conflict and Peace centre for Common Ground 2020! We are all young adults from Woodcraft Folk and are based in different parts of the UK. As a centre we will be exploring the concepts of conflict and peace and looking at how they can have different meanings depending on individuals and communities’ political, social, economic and geographical realities. We are excited to tackle these concepts by focusing on a different area of peace and conflict on each programme day where we will look at peace, conflict, borders, radicalism and capitalism (overthrowing it). Our sessions are going to be varied and provide something for everyone. Creating a space where all ages can explore these ideas is essential to us, and having activities and workshops inclusive to children under 10 years old will be central in our planning.

Examples of sessions

  • Music and art in peace and conflict
  • Creating a manifesto for no borders
  • Role playing session on work-based conflict
  • An introduction to Unions for under 10s.

We want our centre to be a safe and welcoming space with resources for people to come and do craftivism, read materials on peace and conflict and meet new friends to share ideas with. 

Bethan Manton-Roseblade – Woodcraft Folk
George Smart – Woodcraft Folk Aggie Taylor – Woodcraft Folk