The Hive (cooperation centre)

Coopération – Francais

“The Hive” centre is all about co-operation. Co-operation means working together towards the
same goals, and it’s one of the key values of Woodcraft Folk and IFM-SEI. We chose the name “The Hive” and the symbol of the bee because bees work together to make honey, and because just like a beehive our centre will be a buzzing hub of ideas and discussion!

But what does co-operation actually mean, in our organisations and beyond?

Ruby and Jasmine with a little more information.

What does it mean to participate democratically in co-operative organisations? What does it
mean to act in solidarity with each other and other co-ops? What does it mean to live and work
co-operatively? What does it mean to co-operate internationally? We’ll be exploring these
questions and more in our centre through fun, interactive workshops.

The programme we’ll be running includes:

Build your own co-op (over 10s)

Do you like the idea of starting your own cooperative, but don’t know where to start? This
workshop will give you practical tools to set up your very own co-operative in your

Back in time (under 10s)

Travel back in time with us and explore how co-ops first started. Using dressing up and
drama, we’ll be looking at the history of the co-op movement and what it means today.

Ruby Kelman – Woodcraft Folk
Liza Gejadze – Georgian Falcons
Jasmine Forbes – Woodcraft Folk