Hands On Centre

The Hands-On Centre will be a space for learning new skills and having fun along the way. Workshops will include metalwork, bushcraft, science, making and wild cooking. A chance to connect with the world around you, and learn how to work with the natural environment rather than exploiting it.

Workshop Example 1: (Over 10’s)
Make a copper textured bangle

Come to this workshop and explore texturing metal with various stamps and hammers and create your own unique bangle to take away with you. You will learn about the molecular structure of metal and how to soften it so it can easily be worked into a piece of jewellery before cleaning it to a high shine without the use of chemicals.

Workshop Example 2: (Under 10s)
Charcoal making

Charcoal has a huge variety of uses, from purifying drinking water, building campfires, drawing, making your own ink or dye, and has even been used as medicine. In this workshop we are going to make willow charcoal for drawing, this will include using tools to cut and shave the wood, and building a campfire for cooking the charcoal.

Alex Smithson Swain – Woodcraft Folk
Dick Tyte – Woodcraft Folk

Like what you see? Then come and join our friendly team! We would love to include some international volunteers in all the cool things we do. Simply email programme@commonground.camp with an introduction and the skills you can share.