Media Centre

Do you use social media? Are you curious about the world? Do you want to investigate and tell stories about the world you live in? At the Common Ground Media Centre we’ll be exploring media through games and workshops, as well as making videos, radio programmes and creating walls of art stories and news about camp and the world.

With the help of a passionate team of volunteers, you’ll be able to use cameras to make your own videos that will be screened across camp every night, broadcast your thoughts and favourite music live on radio, and create posters, art and stories to be displayed on wall journals across Common Ground.

The Media Centre is for all ages. Let’s say you are 7 years old and you want to tell a friend from another town in the camp about the amazing activity you ran yesterday in the Sustainability centre; the Media Centre will be perfect for spreading the word! Or for example you are 11 years old and passionate about social media and misinformation…well you’ll love the workshops on fake news in the media centre.

We can’t wait to meet you at Common Ground! The Media Centre team are here to spread to word about your amazing camp experiences.

Pip Sayers – Woodcraft Folk
Tommaso Caldarelli – Runs an IFM-SEI-friendly organisation in Italy
Alix MacFarlane – Woodcraft Folk