As the Sustainability Team, you’ll find us supporting all the centres at Common Ground in including environmental education programme as well as running camp wide and village activities. Sustainability is one of the three themes of the camp, together with Activism and Children’s Rights. IFM has a long history of impactful environmental education and action. We even named the 2001 international camp Sust ‘n’ able! 19 years later, we are facing a climate emergency and the time has come again to organise for change. Now, more than ever, we need to tackle climate injustice together and what better place to do it than at Common Ground.

We want to empower people of all ages to take sustainability education into their own hands and back to their villages. We will give you resources to get everybody involved in spreading discussion and play around the topics of global sustainability. Young people and leaders alike will have the opportunity to reflect on issues such as the food we eat, the ways we travel and how we can build a sustainable future together. Under tens can get hands on making pollution catchers and use up some energy exploring the local wildlife.

We can’t wait to share and listen to each other ideas and experiences. As a team we are excited to make the most of this international opportunity to understand the effects of climate change and how it is impacting people around the world. Through the friendships built at camp, we hope to get creative and tackle the systems and inequalities that are contributing to the climate crisis.

Sarah, Raquel, Ann and Bob