LOVE leadership – Living Our Values Everywhere

A centre for those volunteering and working with young people to achieve education for social change. Throughout camp there will be a series of workshops, skill shares and lectures aimed at new, young and experienced group leaders.

We are excited about running this centre as it will give us a great opportunity to share the best practice from within the movement, learning from each other and the various development projects we have been running in recent years. We believe that by reviewing our practice, learning from each other and responding to the needs of children and young people will support us to have a greater impact on our youngest members.

Session topics:

  • Recruiting children and young people
  • Empowering young people and engaging them in decision making
  • Tackling sensitive topics with young people
  • Putting Woodcraft Folk aims and principles into practice
  • Staying safe
  • Leadership for young people

Centre Co-ordinators: Debs McCahon and Owen Sedgwick-Jell

Sessions will be delivered by Debs McCahon, Owen Sedgwick-Jell and experienced Woodcraft Folk leaders.