Common Ground – Brexit

No VISA’s will be required for EU27 citizens to attend Common Ground regardless of Brexit outcome.

While Brexit remains undecided and may well have implications on the lives of the British people and citizens of the EU27, it is very unlikely to impact Common Ground. While UK political parties disagree on freedom for EU27 citizens to live and work in the UK, there is zero political will to limit tourism or in anyway restrict the rights of Europeans to travel to the UK on holiday. Any form of deal or delay will keep the rules exactly as they are until December 2020, and even in the case of a no deal the EU parliament has agreed that it will allow British citizens up to 90 days VISA free travel to the Schengen area and British Government has agreed to reciprocate

Furthermore, while we have actively campaigned against the UK VISA system, we do acknowledge that comrades from outside of the EU28 will require VISA’s. We commit to doing everything we can to make this process less onerous and more successful

Common Ground Board

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