Common Ground Staff Recruitment

Preparations for Common Ground International Camp 2020 are now ramping up to the next phase as the Board seek to recruit a staff team to deliver their vision and ensure everything is in place for August 1st 2020.

From the middle of May Woodcraft Folk will begin the recruitment process for a Project Manager to prepare the necessary policies and procedures needed to deliver a fun, engaging and safe camp for all. The Project Manager will be an exciting new role and will work closely with the volunteer team working both strategically and practically ensuring all the logistics are in place to welcome Woodcraft Folk and IFM members to camp next Summer.

The Common Ground Board wish to recruit someone with experience of working with volunteers and managing events, with a commitment to inclusion and yet an eye for detail to make sure nothing gets overlooked. Candidates are welcome from all backgrounds and will be asked to demonstrate their commitment to Woodcraft Folk aims and principles, especially the empowerment of children and young people. The Common Ground Board have invested heavily in ensuring the views and needs of children and young people will be met at camp. Woodcraft Folk is a children’s organisation and the Common Ground Board would like as many children as possible to attend the camp and engaging in an inspiring programme.

In the Autumn term the Project Manager will seek to recruit an Assistant to support bookings and the matching of Woodcraft Folk groups to international delegations. It is also hoped that the team will be supported by international volunteers through the European Voluntary Service scheme.

The Deadline for applications is the 3rd of June. Here is our advert on charity jobs,

If you would like to informally discuss the role please contact, or if you would like to receive a recruitment pack for the Project Manager post please contact