Common Ground still needs some Centre Coordinators.

Board Members playing Where in the World?

We’ve filled a lot of the spaces but there are still a few left. We need more people to make Common Ground a fabluous experience for young people from all over the world.

We are still looking for coordinators for the following centres:

Hands On

In this centre, participants will be able to make things using their creativity and learn skills in Bushcraft, Carpentry and maybe even Blacksmithing! You don’t have to be proficient in all of these skills, but some knowledge of at least one of them would help.

We will help you in finding funding, resources and equipment for the centre. You need to bring enthusiasm, ideas and some expertise.

Under 10s

Its important to us that all of the central programme at Common Ground is accessible for Under 10s. Our younger participants will also need their own space to enjoy. We envisage this centre will be a space of fun, colour and games with education at its core. Do you run an under 10s group in your organisation? Enjoy working with our younger members? This is the centre for you!


The media centre often plays a massive role in big camps such as Common Ground. Normally, it’s responsible for creating videos and articles for the Camp’s media outlets as well as educating young people about the role the media plays in wider society. We currently have someone in place to organise much of the education side of this centre and we’re on the lookout for someone to coordinate the media creation side. Do you help make videos for your organisation? Want to work with young people making videos that are shared years after the camp? The media centre is the place for you.

A game to learn the names of all the organisations in IFM-SEI.

We are still looking for people to support the following centres:


As we said above, the media centre is normally a big part of a camp like Common Ground. We’re looking for people who want to be a part of this education and creation but might not want the responsibility of being a coordinator. If you want to help out in this centre, please get in touch!

Cooperation and Arts

These two centres have great teams signed up to them but both need international input. If you are from one of Woodcraft’s sister organisations and interested in these topics please get in touch. We’re looking for people from across all the IFM-SEI organisations because it’s super important to us that this is an International Camp not just a Woodcraft Folk camp.

Anti-Racism and Anti-Fascism

This centre has a fantastic coordination team in place which we are very excited about. We are looking to hear the voices of non-European comrades in the organisation of this vital space at camp. The fight against racism and fascism is world wide and we want to make sure the education on these issues is too. Get in touch if you want to help out on this important topic.

Deadline to apply for these roles is 14th May 2019

For a list of the themes we’ve chosen so far; a description of who we’re looking for and what would be expected of you go to the Programme page and download the role description.

Apply to be a centre coordinator using the application form on the Programme page.

You don’t need to fill in a full application form to apply to support a centre. Just email us with why you’re interested.

Email to talk about your application and ask questions.