Common Ground Update – 2 Years to go!

What have we been up to?


Venturers Drawing the Common Ground Logo at Participation Island.
Venturers Drawing the Common Ground Logo at Participation Island.

Over the summer the Common Ground team have been busy, running workshops and outreach at lots of Woodcraft and IFM SEI events. We have been to; IFM SEI International Committee, Participation Island the international camp run by Nuoret Kotkat London Region Camp and Woodcraft Folk’s Annual Gathering. We have been consulting on food, programme, logistics, and youth participation. Trying to get as much information and feedback, to make Common Ground the best it can be.

We have also been emailing and calling district contacts, to tell them about Common Ground and get any feedback or ideas they might have about international camps.

See Common Ground On Tour for more information –


What are we planning to do next? 


Board Meeting –  In September we have our 3rdBoard meeting, but the first that will take place at the Kent County Showground. It will be a first chance to walk around the site and decide where things will go, get a tangible sense of what the camp will be like.

Activity Pack– This autumn will will be launching our activity pack. This will contain a series of resources group leaders could use to give a taste of the internationalism and participation of Woodcraft Folk international camps.

Booking System– The camp booking system has been made, and other than some tinkering, it should be ready to go live later this year.


What can you do?

            Local Giving, a fundraising network, run a programme called Grow your Tenner. Which once you create a page, you can enable parents to set up a £10 direct debit for 12 months to pay towards your district for an event such a Common Ground. They will match fund the final 6 monthly payments and will collect 25% Gift Aid automatically. Using this you parents can turn £120 over the year into more than the £205 ticket price for Common Ground.

Parents have to sign up in a set week in October, and getting your district registered can take a few weeks. More info at