If Woodcraft ran the NHS: A call for Volunteers

Are you planning to go to Common Ground 2020 and are you a registered health professional?


The 2020 Common health care team are looking for registered health professionals to help run the camp’s health services and run workshops focused on health.


In this request we are specifically looking for expressions of interest from registered Doctors, Nurses, Midwives and Pharmacists; But would welcome Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists and Dietitians too.

If you are in training and qualify in 2020 we would like to hear from you also!

If you are in training in 2020 and have volunteer hours to complete we will arrange validation for this.

We will be looking to achieve multi-professional full CPD validation for the event, which will count towards your professional registration.

If you are a first aider, Messedup practitioner, an unregistered healthcare worker or an alternative practitioner – please don’t respond to this request – we will be sending out specific calls seeking you in 2019.


Please send a brief e-mail with your qualification and offer to:



If you require more information on our plans please don’t hesitate to contact us

Adam, Tess & Jessie