Make your mark on Common Ground

As Common Ground gets ever closer, we’re looking to fill more important roles that will help make the camp not only happen, but be the magical and unforgettable place we know it can be.

Common Ground Programme will be shaped by everyone. Now we’re looking for some people to fill some specific, important roles: evening venue managers, an alcohol space coordinator and people to run the Commons (town centres).

Whether it’s a techno bakery or a kids rave area; a welcoming pub or a board games cafe – these spaces will be shaped by your own vision, apply now so we have time to create it! Check out the role descriptions for more information and apply via the form below.


All questions welcome at We’re also happy to have a phone chat with you before you apply – just email and we’ll give you a number.

View the role descriptions:

Click here and fill in the form to apply for one of the roles