Welcome to Common Ground 2020!

Common Ground 2020 will be the next IFM-SEI International Camp to be hosted by Woodcraft Folk in the UK. The theme for the camp is: international friendship and solidarity.

We’re following a long line of brilliant camps hosted in the UK – including Global Village 2006 and CoCamp 2011 most recently.But we want Common Ground to be even bigger and even better!

So, what will you find on the website?

  • All the basic stuff you need to know about Common Ground can be found on the About page – the what, where, when, how and why of the camp!
  • Your elected Common Ground Board has already met twice and is overflowing with ideas to make the camp great (check out some photos from our first meeting). Find out more about who is who and how to get in touch with us in the Meet the Board section.
  • And although August 2020 might feel a long way away, it will come around pretty quickly – so now’s the time to be thinking about fundraising to bring your district or delegation. Check out the Fundraising section for some amazing advice and resources.

What’s coming soon?

  • Soon we’ll be adding some amazing resources designed to get you excited for the camp – from activities to do at your group night, to promotional materials, to fun graphics and visuals.
  • We’ll also be adding an interactive map so you’ll be able to see who is coming to Common Ground, where they’re fron, and add your group.
  • This website will also be where you come to book for camp! More information on when booking will open is coming soon…